It’s usually located on a powerful resistance or support level. The indicator’s type and analysis period are set in the settings. Check out this article for calculation models for each PP type.

Critical differences between MT4 and MT5

Alternatively, you can also buy a lifetime license by paying an onetime fee of $1099. In the main cTrader window, traders can find a history tab that shows all the closed position. Here, they can also export all periodic or all history from the last 12-month period into Microsoft Excel or HTML format for analyzing with third party statistical software. As you can tell by now, Spotware has put a lot of thought into the window management from the perspective of professional traders and any trader would appreciate the attention to detail.

Direct Market Access

MQL4 might be more suitable for beginners due to its simplicity when creating scripts, indicators and EAs. In contrast, MQL5 is an object-oriented program based on C++, which is more complex but gives professional Algorithmic traders more room for advanced commands and calculations. When several key levels overlap, coincide or come close to each other, their impact is even stronger.

According to MetaQuotes, MetaTrader 4 offers 30 built-in indicators and 24 analytical objects. Also, there are over 2000 free custom indicators and 700 available for purchase. In contrast, MetaTrader 5 has 38 technical indicators, 44 analytical objects and offers an unlimited number of charts . Read the most useful article for a trader and bring your chart analysis to a new level. Let’s examine Fib 0.236 now as it seems to be significant as well. In a directed movement, the current price doesn’t normally stay underneath that level for a long time.


We have already determined the nearest support zone using local extremums and Fibo ratios. Once that zone is broken, the next support level will be at 0.618 Fibo. Technical analysis is rich in indicators, but a moving average is one of the oldest. It’s a simple moving average, weighted or exponential, that reflects an average price over a certain period. Mark the ATL – the all-time low – over the whole trading period.

Critical differences between MT4 and MT5

Trading top stocks there, pay special attention to psychological and dynamic price levels because most traders and trading algorithms consider them. There are important psychological levels that a price might not reach, but their impact is visible a long way. Over many years of trading, market participants’ behavior has been determined by the idea that the euro is always more expensive than the USD. So, every hint at reaching the parity level can provoke a stronger buying activity. As the chart suggests, the price tests reversing on the way to that value, and the distance between the psychological level and the price is significant here. That’s a clear indication of a bearish signal that speaks of the persistent selling pressure.

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To trade consistently professionally, it’s important to have a trading system that best suits your personality and provides you with an edge. When you have the strategies and techniques in place, mastering human emotions such as greed, fear, hope, etc. becomes the main challenge. There are many traders that treat trading as gambling, they are not using any strategies, fail to manage risks and overtrade.

The various charting tools you can use for technical analysis of the Forex pairs. Also, for those looking to utilize algorithm trading MetaTrader 4 offers the ability to utilize and build algorithms that can be used for trading. Neither contraption is a better or worse version of the other. They’re each designed to do a specific set of chores, which is the case with the two platforms.

What Are the Fees Charged by a Forex Broker?

Working with a company like Forexware creates an ideal situation for firms that want to offer clients multiple trading platforms and those may want to switch trading platforms in the future. Forexware sells MT4 and MT5 white labels as well as their proprietary FX platform. If you currently use an MT4 white label but want to add MT5 or a non-MetaTrader option, then you can partner with a single company and have access to multiple platforms. The platform offers chart based trading with customizable indicators. It has an algorithm console that will allow traders to choose their own trading strategies and test those strategies.

However, for beginner trading, starting with the MT5 platform might be overwhelming because of the complexities of the platform. MT5 is ideal for advanced traders who need to master more tools than what is available on the MT4. I have already mentioned support and resistance trading ranges casually in my article on technical analysis, in the Common terms section.

Privacy and Data Security

Forex transactions, and offers tons of useful data, then 4 is probably a solid choice for you. Note that it can’t do auto-trading or allow users to create unique, customized time frames. Also, it has relatively slow execution and back-testing functions. Moving on to MT5, you will note there is also an app for both Andriod and iOS. In todays landscape it is uncommon to have only one app for one mobile platform. MetaTrader 5 mobile gives traders to option to support two accounting systems, netting and hedging.


The intuitive software interface is user friendly but may overwhelm traders with advance and complicated tools. NinjaTrader has a stated privacy policy that clearly state the company will never share, sell, difference between mt4 and mt5 or rent personal information about traders to other individuals or non-affiliated companies. Furthermore, all user sensitive data, username, and passwords, are encrypted to ensure your account remains safe.