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AID Genomics (“AIDG”) is an international medical technology group, a personalized medicine leader. AIDG group was established in order to make personalized medicine affordable to the public and promote the development of diagnosis, prevention, and targeted treatment solutions required for early detection of genetic diseases and sick patients alike.

AIDG group operates the largest and most advanced genetic diagnostics laboratory in the Middle East (on Mount Hotzvim, Jerusalem), under strict security and health standards required by the Israeli Ministry of Health and its authorized certification. The laboratory is capable to perform over 70,000 PCR tests per day.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, AIDG Group has been consulting, making technology accessible and providing tens of millions of COVID-19 test kits to more than 20 countries. Over 2 million RT-PCR test kits have been provided to the request of the State of Israel. Additionally, AIDG Group has performed close to one million corona tests in Israel and operates advanced corona laboratories in 3 other countries. AIDG’s diagnostic tests for the presence of coronavirus variants (mutations) performed by AIDG are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

AIDG’s Covid-19 Test App (“AIDG’s App”) is an additional and complementary mean/platform to facilitate AIDG’s diagnostic tests for the presence of Coronavirus variants (mutations) to the general public. The AIDG’s App services offered to its customers are based on three main sub-services: sample extraction and collection, diagnostic test of the collected sample and publication of the diagnostic test to the customers, as specified hereinafter;

The sample extraction and collection services are provided by AIDG through (a) prior coordination of arrival at AIDG laboratories or AIDG’s sampling points at various sites around the country, (b) prior coordination of arrival a human sampler to the residence of the Service Customer, at the choice of the Service Customer – all through the AIDG’s App. The sample extraction and collection are performed by authorized and highly experienced qualified professional personnel, using the most advanced sampling kits, safeguards, and standards approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health. Additionally, as a prerequisite for the supplied services, the customer is required to follow legal procedures and protocols, including personal identification, services’ consent, medical questionnaire, waiver of confidentiality etc. After the sample extraction is over, the extracted sample will be sent by AIDG for molecular testing in the AIDG’s virus laboratory. For the benefit of providing the aforesaid services AIDG also operates via professional representatives, suppliers and subcontractors.The diagnostic test of the collected sample is performed at the AIDG’s virus laboratory, through which the unique genome (genetic structure) of the Corona is identified. As mentioned above, the diagnostic test is performed by AIDG at its certified laboratories approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The publication of the diagnostic test result is performed by AIDG’s app, directly to the customer, through the AIDG’s app user interface. In accordance with the reporting obligation under the provisions of Israel’s Regulations 65 and 66 of the Public Health (Medical Laboratories) Regulations, 1977, in the event of a positive result or suspicion of a positive result for SARS-CoV-2, AIDG will submit a report to the head of public health services at the Israeli Ministry of Health and / Or his deputy and / or the director of the Central Virus Laboratory and/ or any other body or entity in accordance with the law.

For the benefit of providing the aforesaid services, AIDG fully complies with the Israeli binding law, regulation and rules, including but not limited to the fields of medical services, laboratory operation, privacy, data & cyber security etc.

Medical Services and Covid-19.

Laboratory Operation.

Privacy. AIDG’s App fully complies with the Israeli binding law, regulation and rules regarding privacy. It is emphasized that the target audience of the AIDG’s App.

The customer’s data collected by the AIDG’s App includes: identifying information (customer’s full name, e-mail address, cell phone number, ID number, residence address) and limited medical information (the results of the diagnostic tests for the presence of coronavirus variants).

The aforesaid data is collected from two main sources, on the basis of the customer’s consent: self-entry of data conducted by the customer during its registration to the AIDG’s App and data collected by AIDG from the customer medical questionnaire. For the removal of any doubt, no customer’s data is collected by other means, but as necessary and crucial for providing the aforesaid services.

Furthermore, the customer’s collected data is stored an AIDG’s registered database according to applicable laws of Israel, only for the time required and reasonable for the purposes for which it was collected, at AIDG’s sole discretion, or until AIDG receives an express request for deletion, and in any case – as required by law. For more information, please find AIDG’s App privacy policy attached hereto and marked as Annex “A”.

Data & Cyber Security.

For the convenience of the customers, AIDG operates in the Hebrew language.


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