AID Genomics Ltd. – App Policy – AIDG App

AIDG is an online App that registers test data and issues a test result certificate.

AID Genomics Ltd. (“AIDG”) values your privacy, the App cannot tell where you are, or who is with you and does not collect data which is not necessary and crucial for operating the App and / or providing its Services, as specified in the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy agreements. By downloading and using the App, you observe the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, as well as the laws and regulations on physical protection of personal data and processing of personal data only for the purposes of its intended use.

Before using the App, you must accept the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. Additionally, you are required to confirm the App permissions, including a permission to access your device camera, photo scan information, and agree to submit the information to AIDG. If permissions are not given, the App will not collect and process information and it may lead to the failure of the App’s operation and / or Services’ provision (in whole or in part).

In order to provide you with a test result certificate, the App collects personal data related to the test subject, including:

·        Legal and identification scanned documents (For establishing your identity and for filling result certificate request)

·        A scan of your face (For proving your identity).

·        Video and audio records and / or images of the Test kit and its components and the performance of the Test, including yourself (For enabling the correct and valid performance of the test).

·        First name (For filling result certificate request)

·        Surname (For filling result certificate request)

·        Date of birth (For filling result certificate request)

·        ID number (For filling result certificate request)

·        Country and address (For filling result certificate request)

·        E-mail address (For filling result certificate request)

·        Cell phone number (For filling result certificate request)

·        Healthcare provider (For filling result certificate request)

·        A scan of the test stick result (For proof of the result)

·        Your device information, including usage patterns and User activity in the App, device identifiers or other identifiers, information relating to traffic on internet servers, including Wi-Fi state (For the App’s operation).

·        Additional data may be required to perform various Services, to the extent required for the provision of the Services, and in any event AIDG shall not request any information which is not required for such purpose.

Our App is also permitted to be featured in COVID-19 resource portions by the Ministry of Health of Israel for issuing COVID-19 certificates. View link:
issued certificates are valid for seventy-two (72) hours and can be securely accessed for view until its validity ends in the App.

Registration details can be saved for future requests or deleted from the App, at any time, from your App settings, or by uninstalling the App. Your device may keep some basic data – this is controlled by your device operating system.
No personal data will be transmitted to any third-party, individuals or institutions without your consent and in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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