COVID-19 PCR and Antigen Tests
for Traveling Internationally

COVID-19 PCR and Antigen Test for Traveling Internationally

The biggest, most advanced COVID-19 laboratory in Israel.

COVID-19 RT-PCR test - only with AIDG

Nationwide clinics

Get tested for COVID-19 in one of our many clinics and service points throughout Israel

Valid for traveling abroad

Get a certificate with your test results in English, to use as a travel permit abroad

Professional and Reliabile

We use the most advanced technology, with the most professional experts

Approved by the Ministry of Health

We analyze the PCR tests in our laboratory in Jerusalem, approved by the Israeli MOH

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About Us

AID GENOMICS is an international medical technology group, a personalized medicine leader. AIDG group was established with an ideology to make personalized medicine affordable to the public and promote the development of diagnosis, prevention, and targeted treatment solutions required for early detection of genetic diseases and sick patients alike.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, AIDG Group has been consulting, making technology accessible and providing tens of millions of COVID-19 test kits to more than 20 countries. Over 2 million RT-PCR test kits have been provided to the request of the State of Israel.

AIDG group operates the largest and most advanced genetic diagnostics laboratory in the Middle East (former Teva plant on Mount Hotzvim, Jerusalem) under strict security and health standards required by the Israeli MOH, with the capability to perform over 70,000 PCR tests per day. The AIDG Group has performed close to one million corona tests in Israel and operates advanced corona laboratories in 3 other countries.

The laboratory is one of two laboratories owned by the AIDG Group in Israel. The company performs genetic tests and PCR tests to detect the corona virus and diagnoses variants using technologies developed in Israel, such as AIDG’s Smart Swab Kit and COVID-19 decoding software that uses artificial intelligence to detect the corona virus.

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It is possible to order a Covid-19 PCR test with a click, at a location and time convenient for you. Go to the AIDG website, select the desired time and service point, and book an appointment. The referral will be sent directly to your e-mail, and must be presented upon arrival to the test

Our service points are spread throughout the country, Please make sure to check operation hours of clinic upon arrival.

The test results are received within up to 24 hours from the moment the test is performed.

Many countries require performing a PCR test before leaving the country of origin (Israel), and presenting a negative result upon entering the destination country. The Covid-19 test should be performed up to 72 hours before the flight. For more information, click here.

Absolutely. The Covid-19 PCR tests performed by our professional teams nationwide are recognized and approved by the Ministry of Health and are also compliant with airline flights requirements.

Of course. Our laboratory is the largest and most advanced genetic diagnostics laboratory in the Middle East, and is capable of performing over 70,000 PCR tests per day. To view the medical laboratory registration certificate issued by the Ministry of Health, click here.

You can view the test results in My Account. In addition, the results will be sent up to 24 hours as of the test, directly to your e-mail.

You must arrive to the Covid-19 test with the referral sent by e-mail after booking the test, and with an ID card that matches the details listed in the referral.

It’s very simple – go to our website, schedule a Covid-19 test (you can schedule tests for several people), arrive at the desired service point with the referral and with an ID card, and get tested!

Absolutely. Covid-19 PCR tests are suitable for the general population, including children. Please remember, children must be accompanied by an adult (18+).

Absolutely. Covid-19 PCR tests are suitable for the general population.

There is no need for a referral from a physician to get tested. Simply schedule a test on the website, arrive with the referral and get tested.

Absolutely. You can take our Covid-19 test before going on a flight and the issued certificate is recognized abroad as well. Upon receipt of the results, you receive an official document in English that can be presented to authorities around the world.

Our private Covid-19 tests can be performed without a referral from a physician. Simply click to book an appointment, receive a referral by e-mail and arrive to be checked.


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